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Chemical Cocktails

By Caroline Knight, December 2011 The word cocktail has various connotations. Many of us have enjoyed a cocktail on a Saturday night, fully aware that this is toxic on our bodies and not the healthiest way to live, but we do it in the name of fun. And discounting the inevitable hangover, it certainly can…

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Candidiasis – A Modern-Day Epidemic

By Caroline Knight So … hands up, who knows about Candidiasis? Have you got it? Tricky question, I think. The chances are, if you have followed the standard Western diet for any real length of time during your life, you’re a prime candidate. The diet that the majority of the population consider to be normal…

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Technological Medicine – Frequency and Hyperthermia devices for improved health

By Caroline Knight   “What cannot be cured with medicines can be cured with surgery. What cannot be cured with surgery can be cured with hyperthermia.”  Hippocrates. Frequency and hyperthermia devices are finally becoming better known since (in the UK) Chelsea and West Ham football clubs started using them to drastically reduce recovery times after…

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