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"Nature" by usamedeniz

The King of the World is about to Reclaim His Throne

On Science, the Religion Of. Or, “The King of the World is about to Reclaim His Throne.” by Liam Scheff I begin by saying that I have no remedy for you, reader. I cannot tell you how to unspool it. Or, I could, but you’d fight forever, and by the time you either capitulated to…

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Scott Tips – Codex Alimentarius: Corporate Controlled ‘Health’ – Recorded at The Alternative View Four in March 2010

Why should we fear Codex Alimentarius, literally meaning ‘food code’? Why is Codex seeking to restrict the quality and potency of vitamins and minerals? Why is it applying a toxicological regulatory model to foods that have been a part of the human diet for millennia? Are there alternatives to the medical monopoly that drowns everyone…

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"Sprout Of Coconut" by winnond

Chewing the fat: which fats and oils should we use in the kitchen?

By Sally Beare, dip BCNH, CNHC Some fats and oils are crucial for vibrant good health, and should be in everyone’s kitchen. Others are killers, and would be better used for car fuel.  Unfortunately, most of the oils in our diet today are the latter, whilst the former are notably absent. Many nutrition experts believe…

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Scott Tips – Codex Alimentarius: Making Sickness Compulsory recorded at The Alternative View 2 in May 2009

As the president of the National Health Federation and its chief delegate at meetings of the Codex Alimentarius Commission, Scott Tips is probably unique as being the health-freedom activist who has attended the most Codex meetings. Using that experience as a springboard, Scott’s presentation will discuss not only the structure and mechanics of Codex and…

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"Past, Present, Future Dice Showing Forecasts" by Stuart Miles

The Future is Yesterday

Reproduced with permission of Liam Scheff: The problem of modernity – the calamitous noise we have surrounded ourselves with, the thumping of tires on air and pistons in their sheaths, the whirring of fans and pumps in the interior of our walls, the corroded arteries of hollow steel that define the circulatory system of our…

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